We provide a full spectrum of creative capabilities.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a form of communication between businesses and your audience. It is more than just aesthetics. We create visually appealing design as a powerful communication tool for our clients to send their messages to audience in an efficient way.

Lee Gardens Restaurant Directory - Lextra Graphic Design

Brand Identity Design

A good brand story helps you go a long way. We help our clients to create storytelling visual identities aligned to robust brand strategies. Not just plain logo design, but injecting personality and life into their brands.

Hetun Brand Identity - Lextra

Product & Packaging Design

We help clients to create memorable brand experiences at every possible touchpoint and help their brand stand out, by providing original and groundbreaking solutions. Hence, enabling brands to maximize their most powerful marketing tool: product and packaging design.

Thann x Capsubeans Wooden Diffuser Calendar - Lextra Character Licensing

Animated Gifs

Moving things always draw more attention. We are very good at creating visually appealing animated gifs for clients, such as GIFs for instagram stories, LINE stickers and WeChat stickers.

Capsubeans Animated GIFs Design - Lextra Motion Graphics

Website Design & Development

Websites with good first impressions are crucial in this digital world. We help clients to design smooth and easy-to-use UI/UX design to improve conversion rate and achieve sustainable growth.

Lextra - Website Development - Nene Baby Care

Character IP Licensing

We love brand collaborations especially when two brands have great synergies together. We develop creative marketing solutions for clients to maximise the potential gain for their licensing deals.

Capsubeans Licensing Lextra - Exhibition

Character Design & Development

Character design is one of the marketing tool to help your brands to become more distinctive than the others. It enables you to deliver your brand messages easily and to communicate with customers better. We also offer style guide creation services that caters our clients' needs for licensing purpose.

Poco bear turnaround - Lextra Character Design
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