Character Licensing

Daycraft x Capsubeans Notebook

Signature Lined Notebook - Capsubeans Space Edition

"Be carefree like Capsubeans and leave all the stress behind. Don't be afraid to follow your dreams. You will have guidance along the way."

We agreed with Daycraft, a Hong Kong notebook & diary brand, to grant a non-exclusive license for them to use our character IP Capsubeans on their notebook design. Space was chosen to be the design theme as it represents freedom, relaxing and weightlessness in outer space with zero gravity. Colorful Capsubeans graphics are color-printed on the edge of the notebook, attracting younger target audience and also complimenting the high quality Italian PU cover.

Daycraft x Capsubeans NotebookDaycraft x Capsubeans Notebook

Signature Lined Notebook Capsubeans Edition - A5, Space

Cover material: Fine Italian PU
No. of pages: 176 pages
Size: w151 mm x h212 mm
Edge printing: Inkjet printed edges
Special note :Case bound
Duo-tone soft cover
100 gsm cream acid-free paper


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